We offer a variety of sizes of photographs for sale. There are two general categories: traditional framed and matted paper prints and stretched canvas. Not all of the sizes are available for all prints. If you wish to order a size not listed, please ask.

Framed Sizes
(in inches)
Canvas Sizes
(in inches)
10 x 24
10 x 20
16 x 20
10 x 24
16 x 24
14 x 20
16 x 36
14 x 24
20 x 24
14 x 30
24 x 30
14 x 36
32 x 42
20 x 28
20 x 42
20 x 44
20 x 46
24 x 32
32 x 42

In addition, we offer posters of every photograph on the website. These posters are a quality product produced on demand using the same processes as our framed or our canvas photographs. They will be shipped rolled in a sturdy mailer. Should you wish to move up to a fine art print of the same photograph as your poster, you may deduct half of the price you paid for the poster.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine if the colors of our photographs will fit into the color scheme of your decor. Thus we offer proof prints that you can examine in your home or office to see if the colors will work with your decor. When you decide to order a photograph, the price of the proof can be deducted from your purchase. There is no need to return the proof.

If there is something you wish that is not mentioned here, please ask. We are constantly experimenting with new materials and techniques. Perhaps we already are developing the product--or we may be able to do so.

For photographers, as we have some spare capacity on our equipment, we can make that available to print your photographs. You will need to send your print-ready digital files with at least 240 dpi resolution. It is advised that you obtain the proper profiles so that you can soft-proof your image to be sure that the colors are what you want. Depending on the media for your print, the cost for paper prints is about $10.00 per square foot and $20.00 per square foot for laminated canvas. We can stretch your canvas or mat and frame your paper prints. Please obtain an estimate first. Generally we may need up to 14 days to fit your photographs into our workflow.